District Community Development Officer


The goal for the sector is to promote social transformation of the communities by empowering them to harness their potential through skills development, labour productivity, safe working environment, and protection of their rights and freedoms, particularly of the vulnerable groups  for sustainable and gender responsive development.


  • To reduce poverty levels among the communities
  • To strengthen the working relationship between the district, the Community Based and Civil Society Organizations,  and  LGs structures to promote good governance and improved service delivery
  • To improve the rate of literacy among the adult population
  • To improve child survival, development and protection
  • To promote responsible behavior among couples and adolescents to reduce HIV infection.
  • To impart, support and strengthen survival skills among marginalized and vulnerable groups.
  • To promote entrepreneurship skills among the women and the youth.
  • To promote gender mainstreaming at all levels of the development process.
  • To protect, preserve and develop cultural institutions, values and best practices